You can ask a quotation for customized transformer at


Upon requests, the following technical information:


  • Primary winding voltage (line voltage; in Italy it is equal to  220 V )
  • Secondary voltage and current, (e.g. 200-0-200 V, 100mA ; 6,3 V, 2A ; 3,15-0-3,15 V, 1A)
  • Power of the transfomer on the secondary winding (e.g. 59,8 VA)


The value of the secondary voltage shall be increased by at least 15% in order to oversize the transformer and compensate the normal efficiency losses. Should it not be done, operational problems by full load might occur. Consequently the guarantee of the product will decay.


Moreover, a valid deilvery address shall be provided in order to assess shipping costs.


We remain available for the appropriate calculations in order to obtain an optimal voltage value.