Subject of the Agreement

The present general conditions regulate the telematics remote purchase of goods and services from Lo Spaccio di Nova di Marco Novarria (as of now Lo Spaccio di Nova) with its registered office in Via Chianciano 5, 20161 Milano (MI) , P. IVA. 05628910969, VAT number 05628910969, also owning the website  Each purchase operation will be regulated by the legislative Decree N° 185/99;  as to the protection of confidentiality it will be regulated by Law N° 675/96 and following amendments.


Acceptance of the sale general conditions

The agreement between Lo Spaccio di Nova and its Client shall be deemed as concluded once that Lo Spaccio di Nova will have accepted the order. This acceptance is to be considered as tacit. Through an order carried out according to the foreseen modalities, the Client declares to be aware of the indications given to him during the purchase procedure and to fully accept the general conditions and the payment conditions listed here.

If the Client is a consumer (a natural person  buying goods for purposes not related to his profession), once the purchase procedure will be carried out he will print or save an electronic copy and will keep the present sale general conditions according to art. 3 and art. 4 of the Legislative Decree N° 185/1999 on remote sales; as to the privacy protection the Client will be submitted to Law N° 675/96 and following modifications. The Client has not right to reimbursement of compensation nor there is any responsibility linked to the Agreement or not linked to it, for direct or indirect damages to people and/or things caused by the non-acceptance (being it full or partial) of a specific order.


Purchase modes

The Client can buy exclusively the products included in the catalogue Lo Spaccio di Nova when forwarding the order, as they have been outlined in the respective information sheets. The picture included in the description might not be perfectly representative of its characteristics, which might be different in terms of color, dimension and accessory elements. All information provided upon purchase are to be considered as informative and shall not be referred to the real characteristics of each single product. The values indicated in the technical sheets, unless differently specified, have a degree of tolerance equal to 5%. The values given for the valves have a tolerance equal to up 10%. The service to precisely select components (valves and transistor) imply a charge equal to 2,50 € for each component to be selected.

The proper receipt of the order is confirmed by Lo Spaccio di Nova via email to the email address given by the Client. This message includes an “number of order”, to be used for any communication with Lo Spaccio di Nova. The message sums up all data given by the client who shall check that the data are correct and promptly communicate potential amendments, according to the modalities indicated by the present document.

Should the order not be accepted, Lo Spaccio di Nova guarantees a prompt communication to the Client. Claims should be addressed to:


Telephone: +39 02

Address: Lo Spaccio di Nova Via Chianciano, 5 - 20161 Milano (MI)


Advance payment through bank transfer
In case of payment through an advance bank transfer, the shipping of the goods occurs upon credit entry to the bank account of Lo Spaccio di Nova. The bank transfer shall be done within 5 days from the order; after that the order will be automatically cancelled. The reason for payment shall include year, type and number of the order; these data are given with the confirmation order. Bank transfers outside the European Union are not accepted. 


In case of payment through Postpay card, the shipping of the goods will occur upon credit entry, that shall occur within 5 days from the order; after that, the that the order will be automatically cancelled.

Upon topping-up the card card, the Client shall send a confirmation email to the email adddress info@enovaz.comindicating the number of order, the name of the post office where the top-up has been done, the time of payment and which card has received the top-up. The information to which the top-up has to be done are: 
Holder: Santo Novarria
Card number: 4023-6009-5602-3339


If the Client wishes to pick up your goods at the store, the Client can agree date and time, pay cash and pick up the goods directly at:

Lo Spaccio di Nova
Via Chianciano 5
20161 Milano (MI) - Italy


If the client opts for the PayPal system, after completing the order he will be redirected to the login page of PayPal. The amount of the order will be charged on the PayPal account upon receipt of the order. Clients are required to use the payment form provided by the website. For payments done manually, we require an email providing proof of payment.

During the purchase procedure, Lo Spaccio di Nova cannot acquire financial information on the Client. As there is no data transmission, these data cannot be intercepted. No computer archive of Lo Spaccio di Nova includes or keep these data.


Lo Spaccio di Nova can accept order to be delivered in Italy and in the following countries:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Germany
  • Great Britain
  • Greece
  • Ireland
  • Luxembourg
  • The Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Czech Republic
  • Slovakia
  • Romania
  • Slovenia
  • Spain

Shipping fees are borne by the Client and they are explicitly indicated upon order. Should shipping fees not be sufficent, Lo Spaccio di Nova may require an extra charge upon communication to the Client. 

Right to withdrawal
According to article 52 (and following) of the Legislative Decree 206/2005, if the Client is a consumer (a natural person buying goods for purposed not related to his profession, that means that he is not buying giving the reference of a specific VAT number), he has the right to withdraw from the purchase agreement for any reason and he is not required to provide any explanation; no penalty is foresee, with the exception of what established by the following paragraph.

To benefit from this right, the Client shall send to Lo Spaccio di Nova a written communication within 14 days from the date of delivery. This communication shall be sent through email, pec, fax, telegram or a registered letter to:

Lo Spaccio di Nova
Via Chianciano 5
20161 Milano (MI)

Once we receive this withdrawal communication, the Customer Care of  Lo Spaccio di Nova will quickly communicate the client the instruction to send us the goods back. The goods shall be received by to Lo Spaccio di Nova within 14 days from the first comunication.

The right to withdrawal is subject to the following conditions:

- the right is applied to the whole product; it is not possible to exercise a right on a part of the product (e.g. accessories, attached softwares, etc);

- the right cannot be applied to audiovisual products or sealed computer software (included those attached to the hardware material), once they have been opened by the customer;

- the right cannot be applied to customized or personalized material, such as customized transformers;

- the purchased good shall be returned in its original package with all its pieces (packagin included, documentation and other information material: manuals, cable, etc); in order to contain damages to the original package, we recommend to put the package into another box, thus writing the RMA number (the code authorizing the return of the product); labels, tags and sellotape shall be avoided on the original package;

- in compliance to the law, shipping fees for the return of the product are borne by the Client;

- the shipping, uot to the moment in which the good will be received by the store, is under the full responsibility f the Client;

- in case of damage of the good during its shipping, Lo Spaccio di Nova will communicate the Client the accident (within 5 days from receipt of the good to its store) in order to allow the Client to promptly report to the courier company and obtain a reimbursement equal to the value of the good (if proteced by an insurance); in that event, the product will be given to Client, thus deleting the withdrawal request;

Lo Spaccio di Nova is not responsible for any damage, loss or theft of goods shipped without insurance.

Upon receipt at the store, the product will be examined to asses damages or tamperings not caused by the shipping. Should the package be damaged, Lo Spaccio di Nova will charge upt to 10% of the reimbursement in order to cover reinstatement expenses.


Without prejudice to the reimbursement for damages caused by the original packaging, Lo Spaccio di Nova shall refund the client for the amount given as quickly as possible and anyhow within 14 days from the withdrawal request, through a cancellation procedure of the amount charged on the Credit Card or through a bank transfer. In the latter case, the client shall swiftly provide the bank account references for the reimbursement (ABI and CAB codes – bank account of the person receiving the invoice)




All products sold by Lo Spaccio di Nova are covered by the conventional guarantee of the manufacturer and by a 24-month guarantee for faults of conformity in compliance with the Legislative Decree N°. 24/02. The conventional guarantee is provided according to the instructions illustrated in the documentation attached to the product. If, after the intervention of an Authorized Customer Care Assistance, the fault is not covered by the manufacturer’s conventional guarantee, the Client will be charged with the cost of the verification and restoration  of the Customer Care as awell as shipping fees, if born by Lo Spaccio di Nova. The 24-month guarantee in compliance with the Legislative Decree N°. 24/02 is applied to products presenting a fault of conformity, as long as the product has been properly used, thus respecting its purpose of use and according to the documentation provided. This guarantee is meant for the private Consumer (natural person that purchase the good for reasons not linked to his/her professional activity,  i.e. when the purchase is performed without a reference to a VAT number). In case of a lack of conformity, Lo Spaccio di Nova, with no charges for the Client, will restore the product or  provide a new product or reduce its cost up to the termination of the agreement. If, after the intervention of the Customer Care Assistance, the fault is not a fault of conformity guarantee in compliance with the Legislative Decree N°. 24/02, the Client will be charged will be charged with transportation costs, if born by Lo Spaccio di Nova. Replacement or restoration times are determined by the manufacturer only. If, for any reason, the Client cannot replace or restore the product, the manufacturer at its own discretion, can wholly refund the Client or replace the product with an equal or superior product. No damage can be required to Lo Spaccio di Nova for delays in the replacement or restoration. If the guarantee includes the return of the product, the good shall be return to the Client (who will bear the cost) in its original packaging and with all its parts (packaging, documentation, parts: accessories, cables, etc); in order to contain the damages to the original packaging, we recommend, if possible, to put it in another box; etiquettes, tags and  sellotape directly on the original packaging of the product.



Should you receive clearly damaged packages from the courier (broke packaging, torn, smashed or open) you are required to refuse the shipment back to the sender thus signing the document to the courier or to sign the receipt of the package with “a reserve”. We will ensure the forwarding of the claim to the courier, if the package contained damaged goods. If the product is no longer available, the Client will be contacted to replace  or hand back the good.

Any claim shall be addressed to Lo Spaccio di Nova:

Mobile: +39 02 39 54 88 28
Address: Lo Spaccio di Nova Via Chianciano, 5 - 20161 Milano (MI) - Italy

The sales agreement between the Client and Lo Spaccio di Nova is concluded in Italy and regulated by the Italian Law. For civil and criminal dispute stemming from the present distance-selling agreement, if the Client is a private consumer, jurisdiction falls under the courts of the Municipality of residence, according to art. 66 bis dlgs 206/2005; for all other cases, jurisdiction falls under the court of Milan.

Access to our seat for the withdrawal of orders is allowed upon by appointment to be arranged bi contacting:

Phone: +39 02 to Friday, from 4 pm to 6.30 pm; Tuesday to Friday, from 10 am to 12 pm)


Lo Spaccio di Nova
Via Chianciano, 5
20161 Milano (MI) - Italy

If you are not satisfied with the outcome you may direct your complaint to a so called Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) provider as established in Europe under the ADR directive (Directive 2013/11/EU on alternative dispute resolution for consumer disputes), see also